I can work with you on a short-term or ongoing basis depending on my availability. Below I broke down typical tasks into a few categories.

Here is a more detailed look at what goes into each task.

Content Strategy & Planning

Content Strategy

Randomly creating blog articles is not the most efficient strategy. We can brainstorm together and create content ideas. I will research topics, keywords, intent of KWs, competitiveness, etc. and come up with the plans that suit you.

Content Gap Analysis

Do you feel your business and website lack something important compared to your competitors? Then let’s find out what they are doing successfully and see if you can replicate your own success. This doesn’t mean just to copy what they are doing. It’s how you can come up with unique ideas of your own. 


Japanese Keyword Research

You might already use a keyword research tool but as you know, doing this in a different language is a totally different story. Using Google Translate and just plugging in keywords will not get the jobs done..

I notice a lot of people who use keyword research tools tend to become too keyword-centric and focus on search volume. You tend to overlook the intent of the keywords. 

Topic Ideation

Based on the keyword research and simply searching on Google, you get to find out what type of content Google ranks on the first page. Then you will have ideas of  what the relevant topics are. Based on these findings, I can create outlines for potential articles.

Content Creation

Website Copy
Copywriting is a form of writing that encourages users to take a certain action. That is true, but in this day and age when digital content is ubiquitous and people are used to seeing the same type of copy everywhere, it is becoming more important to build trust with users. 

Doing so in a foreign language can be quite challenging. I will creatively create a copy based on the original copy or come up with a totally new copy.

Japanese Content Creation
Based on the outlines and keywords created, I will write articles and add images if needed.

Managing Content on CMS
Updating content regularly has so many benefits for SEO. With that comes a challenge of editing web pages or blog articles in the language you are not used to. What if you want to make edits only to one of the paragraphs on the page? It may be a small change but could be really important.


I know every business’s needs are different, so let me know what you need and we’ll go from there.